Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A New Way to Locate Content in the AcademicPub Library

Here at AcademicPub we have always believed that the ability to add a wide range of content is paramount to building a successful course pack.

We already offer access to our library of more than eight million pieces of content from over two hundred and forty publishers through a variety of means, including our Recommendation Engine, which suggests content that your peers have used, as well as materials that you've used before:

Traditionally, users have searched and browsed our Content Library by accessing the Discover Content feature in our platform.

Recently, and to much fanfare, we've also added the ability to search our Image Catalog, featuring Getty Images.

Today we're excited to announce a new, particularly efficient method to find the material you need when you know exactly what you're looking for. We call it Locate Content.

When you know the exact title or the ISBN of the content you wish to add to your custom textbook, this feature provides an easy, quick way to find and include it.

For example:

Additionally, in those rare cases that the library does not contain the piece of content a user is seeking, we've added the ability to automatically tell us to reach out to the publisher to acquire the rights for that content on your behalf:

Finding, discovering, browsing, and locating all the content you need has never been easier than with AcademicPub.

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