Friday, April 5, 2013

AcademicPub Launches Content Rich Communities


New York, NY, April 4, 2013 - AcademicPub™, the largest repository of atomized content available in the world for the creation of custom course materials, today announced the launch of AcademicPub Special Collections™, sites which facilitate the discovery of content and encourage collaboration in the creation of custom course materials. 

The Medieval Studies Special Collection and The Middle Eastern Studies Special Collection are the inaugural Special Collections being launched by AcademicPub, which plans at least a dozen more in 2013. Both Special Collections are hosted by AcademicPub as focused subsets of the larger, 8-million unit AcademicPub content library. 

AcademicPub has just embarked on its second year of operation serving a rapidly expanding number of instructors at colleges and universities in North America. The AcademicPub Special Collections provide wide and deep content from prominent commercial and OER publishers worldwide. The collections allow instructors to access all top publishers in each topic with one click, to easily create a unique custom book for their courses, and to share the contents of their newly built book with others in their field. 

The announcement was made by Caroline Vanderlip, CEO of AcademicPub parent SharedBook Inc. 

"Our intent in building these subject-specific collections is to facilitate the creation of learning communities, resulting in even greater ease of use for the instructors who are building books on our platform," said Vanderlip. "The rich content in the AcademicPub Library, combined with the close-knit nature of scholarly communities, are the impetus for these new sites." 

The 24 publishers making their high-quality material available in The Medieval Studies Special Collection hosted by AcademicPub are found here

The Middle Eastern Studies Special Collection hosted by AcademicPub consists of top scholarship from 30 publishers, which can be found here

About AcademicPub
AcademicPub is SharedBook Inc's technology platform for higher education. With a few clicks of a mouse, an instructor can assemble, compose, price and deliver custom books - in eBook and/or print format. AcademicPub allows for immediate creation and inclusion of copyright-cleared content from anywhere, such as web articles, third party content, self-generated lectures or from the 8 million-plus units of cleared material provided by the 200 publishers in the AcademicPub Content Library. The dual benefit is a fast and easy way for educators to provide an engaging educational experience, with lower prices and up-to-the-minute materials for students. More information and free registration for faculty is available at Headquartered in New York since 2004, SharedBook Inc. is privately held and can be found at

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