Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Scholar Collection: Calling All Authors!

Why Publish with AcademicPub

  • Earn royalties with a non-exclusive distribution agreement
  • Your content will be available for use by undergraduate and graduate professors globally*
  • Your content will be included in a recommendation engine, increasing visibility for your content
  • Receive payments when your peers adopt for their classes
  • Set your own royalty for your content
  • AcademicPub will provide you with a 4-color, double sided flier for your book. Hand out the PDF to your colleagues, send in an email or hang on your department bulletin boards.

And don't forget that AcademicPub Delivers:

• E-book and print formats

• Access pre-cleared content from over 170 publishers

• Over 5 million pieces of content.

• Add web articles or self-authored content

• Manual content clearance - we don't have every piece of content, but we'll clear it all for you! 

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