Tuesday, November 13, 2012

We've Released a Number of New Features

We're excited today to announce a number of new features available as of right now in AcademicPub and thought we'd take you through a few of them.

As you know, we take seriously all recommendations that professors, teachers, and students give us, and we believe that the newest version of our textbook creation platform allows us to provide you with a more dynamic, powerful finished product than ever before.

To begin with, we've greatly expanded the selection of content you can draw from in creating your custom course pack.

In addition to the library items, blog posts, Word files, PDF files, PowerPoint files and entire web pages you've been able to add in the past, you can now add content in a variety of other formats.

Embedded Links

The embedded links feature allows you to include "out of book" material that links directly to videos, websites, online applications, and more. As an added bonus we've removed the need for students to type in URLs from the print version by including easy to use and convenient QR codes in print editions.

Image Inclusion

We know how important visual information is to you and your students, so we've added the ability to directly add images into your course pack through our platform. We're supporting GIFs, JPEGs, PNGs, and TIFFs.

Introductions and Dividers

Sometimes you want to include notes on the fly or section dividers. To help you do that we've implemented a text editor that allows you to add in these sections easily and without uploading any documents.

But wait! There's more!

Managing Active Projects

We've updated your Active Project portal for easier access and management of your projects. Now you can quickly and efficiently edit your project, create a book out of your project, even share it with colleagues all in one place.

Re-Adoption and Archiving Made Simple

We're proud to offer a no-hassle way to both re-adopt your entire book for next semester, make some changes to your book before your new set of classes, or, if you're not using a particular book, archive it with the option of recovering it later.


Be sure to to visit us today to register and begin creating your course packs for the Spring semester.

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