Thursday, November 15, 2012

AcademicPub Lowers Costs For Students

A message from our Vice President of Marketing, and a professor himself, Greg Morris:

Dear Professor,

The New York Times featured an article today about financial worries impacting student performance. AcademicPub can help you help your students. 

AcademicPub™ provides a low cost solution for your course material, from existing course packs to multimedia content including images, web articles & embedded links in your book.

Your Book – Your Way
I just added one chapter from the Kotler Marketing book to my course pack - and the students pay for ONE Chapter. I also added multimedia components and even my slides to my course pack. Everything is in one place for the students available in digital or printed formats.

But, do they pay too much?
I've found the solution, AcademicPub - My Book, My Way.
  • Transparent Costs
  • No Mark-ups
  • Full Royalty clearance
  • DRM protection
  • Just in Time Delivery - digital edition 
I can get any content I need added to my course pack including custom pages from text books. AcademicPub clears content immediately with 164 well-known publisher partners. I can use the platform for clearance or call customer service and they'll add course pack content.

AcademicPub Delivers
  • E-book and print format available
  • Over 5 million pieces of content
  • Add web articles or self-authored content
  • Manual content clearance - we don't have every piece of content, but we'll clear it all for you!
All the Best,

Greg Morris
Vice President, AcademicPub
Adjunct Professor 


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