Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Co-Op Is Growing!

We're so excited to announce the addition of multiple new titles into the AcademicPub Co-Op™, the place leading academics go to share course packs they've developed with others in their fields:

(Please note that viewing the entire contents of these titles requires you to register, a process that is both free and easy).

ProSeminar in Applied Sociology: A seminar designed to prepare new sociology graduate students for a successful career in graduate school and beyond.

Calculus I and II: Designed for standard calculus courses, covering topics such as applications of integrals, calculus of parametric equations, derivatives of functions, and integration.

A Taste of the Tropics: An introduction to the world tropical agriculture and the ways people in the tropics utilize a diverse array of food crops.

Customer Relationship Management: Course material for advanced undergraduate study in marketing & business.

Stage Lighting: Authored by an internationally accomplished stage lighting designer and educator, this course is an introduction to the tools and techniques of stage lighting design.

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