Friday, September 14, 2012

Why Students Should Care About AcademicPub

AcademicPub Keeps Costs Down

We know that textbook costs are a big issue. That’s why we keep costs low, lower than any other provider in fact.

  • No markup on items from our content library.
  • No manual copyright research, so those costs aren’t passed through to you.
  • A live running total lets your instructor manage, piece by piece, the total price of your course pack.

AcademicPub Keeps Your Backpack from Weighing You Down

When your professor uses AcademicPub they’re often reducing what would be three, four, even five books into one, saving both you and your wallet from the strain usually associated with textbooks.

AcademicPub Offers a Variety of Features

From our own iPad Reader to the Student Bookshelf , we are continuously making the experience great for students. We get it, you want to read how you want, where you want, and at a price that you’re comfortable with it. That’s what we want too.

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