Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Feature: Student Bookshelf

We're proud to announce an innovative new way for students to download and access their eBooks on a variety of devices, that eliminates the need to manually transfer files.

After purchasing their book, a student may sign into the bookshelf:

This section of the site features two sub-sections, one to manage books and one to manage devices.

The My Books page allows for activation of books purchased either via the bookstore, directly from AcademicPub, or delivered to the student via e-mail by professors.

The My Devices page allows for the authorization of up to four devices to download the students' book to. We're proud to note our continuing commitment to being, unlike many of our competitors, as platform agnostic as possible. As a result we'll be continuously adding more and more official support for additional devices and readers:

Upon registering their devices, students can easily download their book on any authorized machine. Less side loading, no tedious transferring, and no worrying about breaking licenses required.

Interested in giving your students access to dynamic content on a wide variety of devices? Visit us today.

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