Monday, August 27, 2012

Four More of Our Favorite EdTech Sites

In May we featured five our favorite educational technology blogs (you can find that list here), as the school year begins, we thought it would be time to feature some more, in no particular order:

The Thinking Stick - Jeff Utetch, a Technology and Learning Coordinator in Bangkok, gives invaluable advice on Google Apps, social media, hot topics in technology (with an emphasis on software) and more.

2¢ Worth - In blogger David Warlick's own words, this site consists of the observations, experiences, half-baked and fully baked ideas of an 35 year vagabond educator. In truth it's full of well thought out meditations on technology and education from a highly experienced educator.

Emerging Ed Tech - Kelly Walsh's blog dedicates itself to featuring the best of technology and how it can be correctly implemented in the classroom. Lots of great advice on topics from software to flipping the classroom to using iPads in school.

Edudemic - Jeffrey Dunn runs one of the most popular edtech sites on the web, and it's easy to see why. In an easy to navigate set-up his team provides loads of information on topics ranging from educational apps to classroom advice to deploying technology.
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Have any others to add to the list(s)? Let us know!

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