Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Academic Freedom & AcademicPub in the Press

We're happy to announce that our AcademicPub CEO Caroline Vanderlip recently had an editorial on academic freedom and the cost of textbooks publishing in the Hufington Post. As she notes:
But freedom is never truly free, and academic freedom, as a practical matter, needs ongoing vigilance. Today, our academic freedom is imperiled, ironically, by one of its core tools: Textbooks. Or rather, imperiled by the increasing cost of these important learning materials, and by the methods that are being proposed to rein in these costs.
Additionally, we’re always excited when AcademicPub is generating buzz. Educators have been blogging about us and these posts have caught our eye recently:

Brian O’Leary discusses the benefits of AcademicPub’s real-time copyright clearance and pricing. 

Richard Byrne summarizes how instructors can customize and combine their course materials with anything from our content library. 

Gustavo Martínez highlights, in Spanish, how customizing course content can substantially lower textbook costs for students.

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Thanks to our intern, Katrina Lee, for contributing heavily to this post!

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