Thursday, June 14, 2012

Five of Our Favorite Instructor Blogs

A few weeks ago we featured some of our favorite ed-tech blogs. We thought a nice addition would be to feature some of the best resources for teaching out there (these are all at the Higher Education level, though we'd be happy to provide a similar list for k12 if we had enough requests):

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College Ready Writing - Lee Skallerup tackles the challenges of teaching writing, faculty life, reforming higher education, and teaching in general (and off the tenure track in particular).

The Chatty Professor - Ellen Bremen, a Communications Studies professor, mainly offers advice to students on how to better interact with professors, but what she writes is equally meaningful for instructors looking to unlock the keys to better student-professor relations.

FemaleScienceProfessor - We were sad to see this blog end recently, but it's still an invaluable resource for advice to graduate students, those on the tenure track, and those with questions about the lives of academics.

University Diaries - There's always something delightful and thought intriguing to be found at Margaret Soltan's no-holds-barred, firebrand tinged blog about university life.

Faculty Focus - A newsletter more than a blog, but absolutely invaluable for those interested in well thought out pieces on classroom instruction and pedagogy.

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