Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Five of Our Favorite Ed Tech Blogs

Those who follow us on Twitter (if you don't follow us yet... you should!) know that we regularly share exciting news from the wide world of "ed tech."

Well, we couldn't do it without the wonderful sources that populate our RSS feed and keep us informed of the newest and greatest technology in the education world to be carefully curated and passed on to you.

To give thanks we thought it would be nice to feature some of our favorite places to read about ed tech (in no particular order). Feel free to leave other suggestions in the comments!

Public Domain Image via OpenClipArt User ytknick

Hack Education - To many, the prolific Audrey Watters' popular blog needs no introduction. It offers consistent, thoughtful analysis on the state of ed tech as well as information and criticism of individual products and movements.

Education Technology Guy - David Andrade, a physics teacher and technology specialist, offers plenty of great advice on using technology in the classroom and for educators, with a focus on both specific hardware and software.

ProfHacker - The Chronicle of Higher Education's well respected blog about "teaching, technology, and productivity" continues to be one of the definitive voices in educational technology, taking hard looks at products, offering up useful advice, and serving as a sounding board for discussions on trends in the field and what they mean.

Educational Technology - Ray Schroeder, who wears many hats the University of Illinois at Springfield, keeps this feed consistently updated with excerpts from the most important technology and online learning stories of the day.

Free Technology for Teachers - Richard Byrne, a fulltime writer and consultant with a strong background in teaching and IT, offers up a multitude of free technology resources for teachers on a daily basis.

And be sure to check out AcademicPub, the easiest, most efficient way to make course packs (print or digital) for your class, featuring real time copyright clearance and a content library with over 2.5 million pieces of content from more than 125 publishers in over 70 disciplines.

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