Monday, April 2, 2012

The Movement Towards Content Flexibility Expands

We were certainly pleased late last week to see that a certain major textbook publisher has decided to open the door and allow the limited inclusion of permission-free and self-authored content into custom books created through their service.

While we applaud this, unfortunately it comes with the caveat that you must purchase at least an equal amount of their own content, and carries a maximum of just fifty pages.

Those of you who have been closely following the industry know that a growing number of professors, particularly those who are aware of and troubled by the high cost of textbooks to students, are opting for including more Open Educational Resource and self-authored material alongside the content from publishers they have always used and trusted.

AcademicPub believes in no limits on the amount of permissions-free, open, or self-authored content you can include in your work, and has never tied that amount to any anchored proportion versus royalty-based materials.

Despite some short comings, this decision by a major publisher is still a watershed event, and should it lead to similar decisions in the community this can only benefit all concerned going forward. We’re thrilled that they’ve decided to join the movement that we’ve helped lead. 

Public Domain Content via OpenClipArt User johnny-automatic

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