Friday, March 9, 2012

What AcademicPub Can Do For You

  As we continue to grow we thought it might be useful to step back and have a broader discussion about what the platform can do and how it truly revolutionizes the course pack creation process.

  AcademicPub is a dynamic content aggregation engine that allows publishers, professors, and college bookstores to create, combine and distribute course materials in a way that had been impossible to this point, while saving students money in the process.

  For professors and teachers, the platform provides the ability to mix and match content from a variety of sources including the web, their personal documents (.pdfs, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations are all supported), and library containing over two and a half million pieces of pre-cleared content from over one hundred and twenty five publishers. Educators can then distribute their course materials to students via print or e-book formats.

  For college bookstores, through Custom College Plus partnerships, the platform opens the opportunity to produce in-house materials in a way that serves the needs of professors and students on a custom, case-by-case basis.

  For traditional publishers, AcademicPub opens the opportunity to sell their vast content libraries via a modern method, opening up opportunities for professors to pick and choose the content they want instead of eschewing helpful material based upon the high costs of the traditional texts to their students.

  In addition our company allows, through a comprehensive White Label program, publishers to sell their own customized e-books, a particularly helpful innovation for smaller companies who wish to retain control of their content while providing customers with excellent custom textbook and e-book distribution at a reasonable cost.
  It’s AcademicPub’s powerful, innovative features, however, that truly make the platform stand out. Real-time copyright clearance and pricing ensure that professors get the right material that they need without the need for the traditional waiting period at a reasonable cost to their students. A powerful faceted search engine allows users to sift through, preview, and choose the right material for their class faster than they ever have been able to before. The ability to include one’s own documents opens up a world of possibilities for lecturers, from class notes to syllabi to slides to personally written content on their subject of expertise. The ability to share projects with colleagues during the assembly process opens up the potential for peer and departmental review in building course packs and an easy method of collaboration in creating syllabi for multi-section courses.

  On top of all these revolutionary features, AcademicPub offers an incredibly quick turnaround time. E-books are available for download instantly while print copies are processed and delivered within three to twelve business days.

  The textbook market is ready for disruption.  Students are demanding more affordable options. Professors are demanding more control over their course materials. AcademicPub provides solutions for these demands by empowering educators and institutions while ensuring that students receive only the materials that they need, in the format that they desire.

  We invite you to check out the platform for yourself. And also to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn.

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