Thursday, March 29, 2012

There's Great Humor Content in Our Library

April Fool's Day is fast approaching, but the study of humor is serious business.

As a result we've decided feature some of the great content on the business of being funny that's available right now in our library and as a result can be easily integrated into course packs you make through the AcademicPub platform:

Mathematics and HumorA Study of the Logic of Humor (Paulos, John Allen), University of Chicago Press, 1982
John Allen Paulos cleverly scrutinizes the mathematical structures of jokes, puns, paradoxes, spoonerisms, riddles, and other forms of humor, drawing examples from such sources as Rabelais, Shakespeare, James Beattie, Rene Thom, Lewis Carroll, Arthur Koestler, W. C. Fields, and Woody Allen.  Upon its release, the New York Times noted that "jokes, paradoxes, riddles, and the art of non-sequitur are revealed with great perception and insight in this illuminating account of the relationship between humor and mathematics."
The Social Function of Humor in Interpersonal Relationships (Ziv, Avner), Springer Science + Business Media, 2010
The social function of humor may be considered to have two aspects. The first is that of the relationships within a group and the social system within which personal acquaintance and interaction between and among group members exist. The second is that of society as a whole or of social phenomena. Here, humor’s role being to reform certain aspects of social life. Bergson’s theory deals mainly with this “corrective” characteristic of humor. In this article, both of these aspects are discussed.
The Use of Humour Usage By Financial Advisors in Sales Encounters (Bergeron, Jasmin and Vachon, MarcAntoine), Emerald Publishing, 2008
This is believed to be the first paper to investigate the effects of humour usage in sales encounters in the financial industry. A better understanding of humour is useful for service providers owing to its mass potential, its low cost, and its positive benefits for customers and financial advisors alike.

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