Monday, February 27, 2012

New Feature! Faceted Search

Recently we've rolled out multiple add, a set of new covers, and PowerPoint support, but we decided not to stop there.

That's why we're proud to announce yet another exciting new feature to help you find the exact content you're looking for while building a dynamic course pack that's perfect for your class.

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Above you'll see the new version of our search engine. In addition to being able to do traditional searches by topic, title, author, industry, discipline, or provider, you can now narrow down your search in a number of additional ways once you've entered your keywords.

Here we have searched for "marketing." This brings up 10042 results, which is certainly a testament to the impressive size of our library, but was previously hard to sift through for the user. 

Now, however, you can narrow your search by Provider, Topic, Content Type, or even Year.

Let's say I want to just find marketing content from our friends at Ivey Publishing.

Click through for a larger version.

Ok! We've found 565 results. But I want to go even deeper to find the exact content that's right for my class in, let's say, Marketing Strategy. So I'm going to narrow down the search even more to that by clicking on the appropriate topic in the left bar. 

Now here's what we get:

Click through for a larger version.

Great! We're down to 126 articles. Now let's say I want fairly recent content. I see that there are three articles on marketing strategy from 2010, so I'll click through that option on the lower left bar.

Click through for a larger version.

Using this method I've managed to scale down from thousands of results and pinpoint a case, like the first one here regarding Blue Orb, that I want.

Go ahead and try our streamlined search engine today at and be sure to follow us on your social network of choice, whether that's Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn.

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