Thursday, October 20, 2011

End of Day Links for 10/20/11 (AcademicPub and Custom Books Edition)

We found a number of recent blog posts this week from around the web talking about the future of textbooks. Unsurprisingly, and happily, they all mention AcademicPub and the power of custom course book creation:

I Know, They Made You Take This Class marvels at the idea of custom textbooks for $15 and asks about students and books compiled by instructors.

DDD/JOURNAL notes that AcademicPub could be a great way to create "school or regional specific textbooks" that adhere to the new Common Core in k12.

Joel Gehman says that the recent story in the Chronicle of Higher Education caught his eye.

PROVisions believes it's time for college professors to rejoice.

Test Drive Grade School Online announces that custom textbooks are the next textbook revolution.

Finally, Baltimore Fishbowl asks if textbooks can get cheaper by going digital.*

*(Answer: Yes!)

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