Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cambridge University Press and ecch Headline Ten New Partnerships For AcademicPub



New York, NY, September 13th, 2011. Cambridge University Press and ecch (The European Case Clearing House) are among a global group of partners who have just signed deals to present their world-class content to college and graduate school faculty users of AcademicPubTM, the higher education unit of SharedBook Inc.

Cambridge University Press, a unit of Cambridge University in the United Kingdom (UK), publishes some of the finest academic and educational writing from around the world. The world's oldest publisher, its stated purpose is to "further the University's objective of advancing knowledge, education, learning and research."

By signing with ecch, AcademicPub gains access to materials from 50 more content providers - including Babson, INSEAD, London Business School, Stanford and Thunderbird — as ecch houses the "largest collection of management case study materials to be found in the world." Dedicated to promoting case study-based learning in the management discipline, ecch facilitates the exchange of these materials on behalf of its member schools; its addition effectively doubles the number of partners providing content to AcademicPub.

Element K and Vanderbilt University Press have also agreed to be part of the AcademicPub platform, as have Florida Institute of Government; Global Professional Publishing; Information Age Publishers; the International Monetary Fund (IMF); LFB Scholarly Publishing; and strategy+business magazine, published by Booz & Company.

AcademicPub has been steadily adding publishers since its April 2011 launch. Princeton University Press and CRC Press, a division of Taylor and Francis, were among a group of partners announced last month. A complete list of all AcademicPub publishing partners can be found here.

Today's announcement was made by Caroline Vanderlip, CEO, SharedBook Inc., who has spearheaded an AcademicPub-led revolution in how content is assembled and distributed to college students in the U.S. and, eventually, around the globe.

"Our original idea was simple: to leverage our technology platform at SharedBook Inc., which we have used for more than seven years in consumer and enterprise publishing, and make it work for faculty members who want to provide students the very best content at the lowest possible price," said Vanderlip.

Added Vanderlip: "What we've found is that simple ideas can also be profound — and potentially game-changing — especially in a market that is searching for quality materials to be delivered in real-time, copyright-cleared, easy-to-use formats, at affordable prices. We are thrilled with the embrace of our product across the entire chain, from content publishers to faculty users to students."

The highly sophisticated uses of the AcademicPub search engine by faculty members have spurred SharedBook Inc. to accelerate a new release of its search engine, as more instructors demonstrate an inclination not only to search across platform and discipline, but also to incorporate timely Web materials and relevant content from their peers. With the breadth of materials now available in the Content Library, the new search engine's abilities to sort and filter by type adds speed and even more usability to the platform. It is now faster and easier for educators to explore and identify exactly what is most relevant for their students.

About AcademicPub
AcademicPub, Sharedbook Inc.'s technology platform for higher education, assembles, composes, prices and delivers custom textbooks - in e-book and/or print format. AcademicPub allows for immediate creation and inclusion of copyright-cleared content from anywhere, such as web articles, self-generated lectures or from the AcademicPub Content Library. Digital or print distribution generates a fast and easy way for educators to provide an engaging educational experience, with lower prices and up-to-the-minute materials for students. More information and free registration for faculty is available at www.academicpub.com. Headquartered in New York since 2004, SharedBook Inc. is privately held and can be found at www.sharedbook.com.

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Boyle Public Affairs

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