Wednesday, August 31, 2011

AcademicPub and the Creation of Custom Course Textbooks

We always love to hear positive feedback, that's why we were absolutely thrilled to receive this testimonial outlining some of the benefits AcademicPub can provide to professors developing custom course books for their classes.

The following comes from Dr. Tom Gardner, Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Gustavus Adolphus:
I am a professor who, on more than one occasion in the past, has taught custom courses for which there was no clearly applicable text, and who has had to haggle with publishers over the use of copyrighted content. In the end, I had to make do with teaching the courses using assorted handouts and lecture only, which was a disservice both the to students and to the nature of the material I was trying to present. 

Having recently seen a demonstration of AcademicPub at a national American Chemical Society conference, I was impressed by its ability to clear copyrights in a matter of moments from its library of source material.  When combined with content provided by the author in PDF or MS Word format and content from the WWW, a suitable textbook can be constructed with relative ease compared to traditional publishing.  The system also provides live tracking of royalty costs during the compilation of material, making it easier to select materials that will keep the end product affordable to students.  Naturally, all of the advantages of a custom text apply as well, most notably the timeliness of the material, which has become an expectation of today's Internet Age students.

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