Monday, July 18, 2011

Share Your Work with the AcademicPub Scholar Collection

When you create your custom course materials with AcademicPub, you can add articles, assignments and textbook chapters you have authored as well as using items from our Content Library and the Web. This is a great way for you to give your own students the very best learning materials.

And now, there is an easy way for you to expand that impact. By adding your work to the AcademicPub Scholar Collection, you can share your independently-authored materials, articles and academic research with other professors around the world. 

The system is designed so you can set the royalty payment that you would like to receive from the works you submit for use in the Content Library, and AcademicPub will collect and remit the royalty payments directly to you. Your works will be included in the available content for your discipline, and made available to registered users of the AcademicPub service.

Visibility of the Scholar Collection content is enhanced as it is included in recommendations as generated by our recommendation engine and presented to peers in your discipline. You can also let your academic colleagues know they can access your materials by using AcademicPub.

The process is simple -- just fill out this form and we'll let you know if your content is approved for addition to the Collection. Comment below if you have any questions about this feature or check with our Customer Service department. We hope this new option will help you increase the audience for the important research you've done in your academic discipline and assist you in bringing the work to more people who can benefit from it.

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