Thursday, July 7, 2011

Higher Education Social Media Trends

It isn’t news that students find college to be an engaging social experience, but many colleges and professors are now using social media to improve learning, reach beyond the classroom, and to create collaborative environments that enhance student engagement and achievement.

Let’s look at trends and some ways college educators are using social media to transform the traditional classroom.

· John Orlando, PhD in Integrating Social Media into Online Education in a Faculty Focus blog post provides an interesting discussion of campus learning management systems (LMS), course design, and the use of social media pointing out that social media (blogs, wikis, YouTube videos, etc.) may or may not be integrated into the local LMS creating a range of course management issues and the need for a college-wide social media policy.

· College Ready Writing was founded earlier this year by Dr. Lee E. Skallerup to help students improve their reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. Also, there’s a weekly Twitter conversation for faculty to share ideas and best practices on teaching freshman English and composition.

Check back for further discussion of social media in higher education. We will share highlights from research reports, industry information, market trends, and user experiences as they relate to social media usage and trends.


  1. Yes Social media has reached up to its highest limits these days. I guess now there is nothing left that cant be done through Social Media.

    Digital Media Consultant

  2. I'm seeing more social media research focused on higher education. The sample sizes tend to be smaller, but lots of interesting activity that appears to be professor driven.