Friday, June 17, 2011

Higher Education Trends Driving Custom Books

The adoption of custom books is accelerating on college campuses nationwide. While hard to find precise figures, we estimate that approximately 25% of course materials use custom product that the professor or institution chooses to meet specific course or educational objectives. These custom books can be either print or digital and delivered in a variety of ways.

Here are a couple of things driving this trend—

· Custom books can have a positive impact on areas like business that are combining traditional content and material from other disciplines. See Blueprint for a Better Business Curriculum at the Chronicle of Higher Education.

· Tailoring of content to meet specific demands of students and other constituents. Many college programs work with local industry to tailor work force development specific to that geographic audience. See Economic and Workforce Development, California Community Colleges

Check back for further discussion of custom books in higher education. We will share highlights from research reports, industry information, market trends, and user experiences as they relate to custom content.

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